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SF (2003)

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University of Rochester
Associate Professor of Japanese
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Modern Languages and Cultures , 409 Lattimore Hall
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University of Rochester
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United States
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1. Are you enaged in Japanese Studies?

Answer: A. Yes, I am engaged in Japanese Studies at a university or research institution.

Field of Study: Other

2. Please describe what you are currently doing. (If you have your own website or any relevant site, provide its URL.)

Answer: I have been teaching Japanese culture (primarily film and literature) at the university level since 1987. I have been in my current position since 1994, where I teach in the Japanese, Film and Media, Women's Studies, and Comparative Literature Programs. My research areas of interest are 20th century Japan, specifically Japanese film history; early and silent cinema studies; history of Japanese visual culture; film and media archiving and preservation; nuclear imagery. Current courses include "History of Japanese Cinema;" "Atomic Creatures: Godzilla," "Tourist Japan;" "Film as Object;" "Akira Kurosawa;" "Japanese Animation;" and others. I am working on a book manuscript, "Rediscovering Japan: Identifying Japan as a foreign destination in 20th century visual and material culture." This is both a research and pedagogical project that seeks an alternative approach to studying 20th century Japan in the world (1900-1960) through common-use visual and material culture. My focus is on the way in which Japan is represented in both tourist and educational material. Films produced for tourism, educational, and political (government-sponsored) purposes as well as amateur films are a primary focus of this research. Other primary material includes tourist ephemera, postcards, sheet music, English-language publications such as "The Tourist," "Asia: the American Magazine of the Orient," "The Travel Bulletin" (N.Y.K.), The Japan Tourist Library, and annual English- language publications on Japanese culture, art and industry by the Mainichi and Asahi publishing companies. More on this research and my current CV listing previous publications are available on the UR Research website at the following link:

3. Where did you acquire your most advanced Japanese language training for your research?

Answer: A. I learned it at a university. (Columbia University, East Asian Languages and Cultures (NYC))

4. Have you ever participated in the Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Programme?

Answer: NO

Optional Inquiry:
1. Please describe briefly how the Japan Foundation Fellowship experience influenced your career.

Answer: The Japan Foundation fellowship enabled me to complete research for the above project.

2. The Japan Foundation is planning to create a network or forum among past Japan Foundation fellows. Please let us know if you have any suggestions in terms of themes, format, etc.

Answer: Although the names of previous and current Japan Foundation fellows is available on the Japan Foundation website, a more detailed database with contact information and brief descriptions of current research (not only the research funded by Japan Foudation fellowships) would be helpful.