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PF (1973)

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1. Are you enaged in Japanese Studies?

Answer: B. Yes, I am engaged in Japanese Studies at another kind of organization.

Field of Study: Business

2. Please describe what you are currently doing. (If you have your own website or any relevant site, provide its URL.)

Answer: I am a partner in an Asia-focused investment advisory and consulting firm, Sierra Asia, Inc. As of 2007 after 15 years teaching, I became Emeritus Professor and Founding Director Emeritus of the Center for International Business at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. Prior to joining the Tuck faculty in 1992, I spent ten years (1982-1992) in several White House posts at both the Office of Policy Development and at the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, first as Director for Japan Affairs and then from 185-1992 as Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for Japan and China. I led or took part in virtually every US-Japan trade negotiation during those years.

3. Where did you acquire your most advanced Japanese language training for your research?

Answer: B. I learned it at a special language training school. (The Inter-University Center for Japanese Language Studies)

4. Have you ever participated in the Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Programme?

Answer: NO

Optional Inquiry:
1. Please describe briefly how the Japan Foundation Fellowship experience influenced your career.

Answer: The Japan Foundation grant provided me the opportunity for research on Japanese and American mutual images that led to my interest in US-Japan negotiations, as well as the opportunity .to write and publish my book on political socialization in Japan, and to begin my interest in Japanese birds that led eventually to my writing, as principal co-author, A Field guide to the Birds of Japan, the first complete English language guide to Japanese birds.

2. The Japan Foundation is planning to create a network or forum among past Japan Foundation fellows. Please let us know if you have any suggestions in terms of themes, format, etc.

Answer: More than any university, think tank or other organization, the most important institution promoting knowledge of Japan in the Western world is, without question or debate, the Inter-University Center for Japanese Language Studies. It is of fundamental importance to the advanced study of Japan. Its continued financial security is crucial. The Foundation should do everything possible to support the Center.