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RF (1995)

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University of California, Santa Cruz
Professor Emeritus
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Anthropology, Soc Sci 1, UCSC
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1156 High St.
Santa Cruz
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United States
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1. Are you enaged in Japanese Studies?

Answer: D. No, I am not engaged in Japanese Studies at all.

2. Please describe what you are currently doing. (If you have your own website or any relevant site, provide its URL.)

Answer: As of July 2010, I am retired. I will still be teaching a couple of courses per year in the Anthropology department.

3. Where did you acquire your most advanced Japanese language training for your research?

Answer: A. I learned it at a university. ( )

4. Have you ever participated in the Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Programme?

Answer: NO

Optional Inquiry:
1. Please describe briefly how the Japan Foundation Fellowship experience influenced your career.

Answer: The Japan Foundation Fellowship permitted me to carry out a study of Brazilian workers in Toyota City. I am very grateful to have had this opportunity. The results were published in a book called No One Home (Stanford University Press, 2001) that has become fairly well known to those engaged in similar research, and in some additional articles in various anthologies and journals. My only regret is that the book has never been translated into either Portuguese or Japanese, and so scholars and policy-makers who do not read English have no access to it. Writing this book also helped me to refine some broad theoretical ideas, addressed in other publications not dealing specifically with Japan. My region of expertise is Brazil. Thanks to the Japan Foundation Fellowship, I was able to learn quite a lot about Japan as well, but I do not consider myself an expert on Japan. I approached Japan from a particular angle (from the perspective of migrants from Brazil), and so my knowledge is narrow and highly specialized.

2. The Japan Foundation is planning to create a network or forum among past Japan Foundation fellows. Please let us know if you have any suggestions in terms of themes, format, etc.