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RF (1996)

Fellow Information:
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S. Yumiko
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University of Florida
Associate Professor of classical Japanese literature
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Languages, Literature, & Cultures
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322 Pugh Hall
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United States
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1. Are you enaged in Japanese Studies?

Answer: A. Yes, I am engaged in Japanese Studies at a university or research institution.

Field of Study: Literature

2. Please describe what you are currently doing. (If you have your own website or any relevant site, provide its URL.)

Answer: As Associate Professor of Japanese literature, I offer four courses (two language: 4th year Japanese or classical Japanese and two classical literature in translation) per academic year for the Japan track of the East Asian Languages and Literature major and minor. I am the Undergraduate Advisor for Japan track majors and minors. I also advise minors in the Asian Studies undergraduate program. I am the Japan unit coordinator (manage course scheduling, manage curricular revisions, oversee catalog revisions, and maintain files of the Academic Learning Compacts (ALC) in which each major must submit a paper written for a class in the major. I also manage the department's electronic curricular system to develop new courses, make changes to existing courses, and/or terminate courses from the inventory. I serve on the department curriculum committee where we are developing new BA, MA and PhD programs.

3. Where did you acquire your most advanced Japanese language training for your research?

Answer: A. I learned it at a university. (PhD University of California, Berkeley)

4. Have you ever participated in the Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Programme?

Answer: NO

Optional Inquiry:
1. Please describe briefly how the Japan Foundation Fellowship experience influenced your career.

Answer: In 1994-1995 I helped librarians prepare the Library Monetary Grant that allowed us to purchase critical reference works to conduct research and publish. In 1995 we were awarded the Staff Expansion Program that enabled us to hire Joe Murphy in modern Japanese literature. He has since achieved tenure and promotion; he also wrote a Staff Expansion Program grant himself and hired Sarah Kovner in the History department. In 1996-1997 I was awarded a fellowship to work with Professor Kamei of Hokkaido University to conduct research on the texts of Enchi Fumiko. I was awarded tenure and promotion after returning from the year spent abroad. Recently I was funded to invite Ms. Hiraoka Yoko to campus to perform episodes of the Tale of the Heike for students taking JPT 3300 Samurai War Tales and the rest of the university and community in December. Thus, Japan Foundation has made tremendous contributions toward my career at the University of Florida.

2. The Japan Foundation is planning to create a network or forum among past Japan Foundation fellows. Please let us know if you have any suggestions in terms of themes, format, etc.

Answer: If you have a forum that would enable the few scholars of classical Japanese to meet to discuss issues of common interest such as teaching classical Japanese and creating interest among students to pursue graduate degrees in classical literature and culture, it would be most appreciated. Currently the focus on popular culture and modern literature places classical culture at a disadvantage since the language is difficult and requires more study than the spoken language of the present. I am afraid that the field is in peril and would like to see a resurgence of classical Japanese studies.