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The Japan Foundation is pleased to introduce grant awards to 11 organizations in the United States through the PAJ Program for the 2016-2017 fiscal year. The grant recipients are listed below.






Ashkenaz Foundation / Jinta-la-Mvta: From Chindon-ya to Klezmer
Project Summary A five-city Canadian premiere tour of the Japanese musical group Jinta-la-Mvta at five well-known Canadian music festivals
Principal Artist Jinta-la-Mvta
Tour Location Markham Jazz Festival (Markham, ON)
KlezKanada Festival (Lantier, QC)
Mandell Jewish Community Center (Hartford, CT)
The Burren (Boston, MA)
Rose Kennedy Greenway (Boston, MA)
Ashkenaz Festival (Toronto, ON)



Inta, Inc. / A Body in Places


Photo: William Johnston
Project Summary A three-city tour of dancer Eiko ’s solo project A Body in Places
Principal Artist Eiko
Tour Location Pennsylvania Academy for the Fine Arts (Philadelphia, PA)
Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, NY)
Cathedral of Saint John the Divine (New York, NY)



Japan Society, Inc. / About Kazuo Ohno - Reliving the Butoh Diva's Masterpieces


Photo:Ayumi Sakamoto
Project Summary A seven-city U.S. tour of Japanese dancer/performance artist Takao
Kawaguchi ’s About Kazuo Ohno – Reliving the Butoh Diva’s Masterpieces
Principal Artist Takao Kawaguchi
Tour Location Japan Society (New York, NY)
Hudson Opera House (Hudson, NY)
Flynn Center for the Performing Arts (Burlington, VT)
REDCAT (Los Angeles, CA)
The University of Massachusetts Amherst (Amherst, MA)
The University of Iowa (Iowa City, IA)
The Andy Warhol Museum (Pittsburgh, PA)



Yara Arts Group / Shank’s Mare


Photo:Lynn Lane
Project Summary A three-city North America tour of Shank’s Mare, a puppet theatre collaboration between American puppet artist Tom Lee and Japanese Master Puppeteer Koryu Nishikawa V (Hachioji Kuruma Ningyo)
Principal Artist Tom Lee, Koryu Nishikawa V
Tour Location University of Massachusetts Amherst (Amherst, MA)
Detroit Institute of the Arts (Detroit, MI)
Asia Society Texas Center (Houston, TX)






ASU Foundation for a New American University / Enmei


Photo:Jenny Gerena
Project Summary A collaborative dance performance project between two Japanese (Kei Takei and Masako Kitaura) and two American dance artists (Mary Fitzgerald and Eileen Standley) that will investigate their unique physical histories and explore how the accumulated wisdom of the aging body can promote healing within and between cultures.     

Principal Artists Kei Takei, Masako Kitaura, Mary Fitzgerald, Eileen Standley
Project Location Arizona State University (Phoenix, AZ)



Jack Arts, Inc / Quiet, Comfort


Photo:Ryan Jensen
Project Summary A commission of playwright Toshiki Okada, to be directed by Alec Duffy and co-produced by Hoi Polloi
Principal Artists Toshiki Okada, Alec Duffy, Hoi Polloi
Project Location JACK (Brooklyn, NY)



New York Live Arts / Falling Out
Project Summary A multi-disciplinary theatrical collaboration with butoh master Dai Matsuoka of Sankai Juku and visual artist/designer Jessica Grindstaff and puppet-maker/composer Erik Norse Sanko
Principal Artists Dai Matsuoka, Jessica Grindstaff, Erik Norse Sanko
Project Location Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Governors Island (New York, NY)
Shelter Studios (New York, NY)
Puppetry construction at Phantomb Limb studio (New York, NY)



Portland Institute For Contemporary Art / Direct Path to Detour
Photo:Chelsea Petrakis
Project Summary A collaboration to produce new dance work between Japanese dancer, sculptor, and photographer Takahiro Yamamoto, sound artist Jesse Mejía, and choreographer and dancer Lucy Lee Yim.

Principal Artists Takahiro Yamamoto, Jesse Mejía, Lucy Lee Yim
Project Location Contemporary Arts Center (Cincinnati, OH)
MATCH/Diverseworks (Houston, TX)
Paradise Air (Matsudo, Chiba)
Hopken (Osaka, Osaka)
PICA at Hancock:Annex (Portland, OR)



Saratoga International Theater Institute, Inc / Hanjo
Project Summary A new adaptation of Yukio Mishima’s modern Noh play, to be developed as a cross-cultural collaboration by Japanese and American artists of SITI Company, Akiko Aizawa and Leon Ingulsrud. 
Principal Artists Akiko Aizawa and Leon Ingulsrud
Project Location SITI Company Studio (New York, NY)
SUNY Purchase (Purchase, NY)



Seattle Art Museum / Concerto for Installation and Improviser
Project Summary A sound/video installation with interactive live performance by composer Wayne Horvitz, video artist Yohei Saito, and dancer Yukio Suzuki.
Principal Artists Wayne Horvitz, Yohei Saito, Yukio Suzuki
Project Location Seattle Art Museum (Seattle, WA)


The Chocolate Factory Theater /

World Premier by Ursula Eagly, Kohji Setoh, and Martin Lanz Landazuri

Photo:Brian Rogers
Project Summary A world premiere of multi-lateral international collaboration by Japanese composer Kohji Setoh, American choreographer Ursula Eagly, and Mexican artist Martín Lanz Landazuri.
Principal Artists Kohji Setoh, Ursula Eagly, Martín Lanz Landazuri
Project Location Tokeiji Temple (Kamakura, Kanagawa)
Movement Research at Judson Church (New York, NY)
Center for Performance Research (Brooklyn, NY)
Chocolate Factory Theater (Long Island City, NY)




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