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Performance: The Heart of Kyogen: Lecture - Demonstration - Performance / New York, NY

10/21/2016 - 10/22/2016

Noh Society will present a Kyogen performance by Daijiro Zenchiku and Noriyoshi Ōkura. Kyogen is a form of traditional Japanese comic theater that developed as an intermission between Noh acts. The performance will be preceded by a lecture and demonstration about masks and costumes. This event is supported under the JFNY Grant for Arts and Culture.

[Photo: © Shinji Inoue]

Performance: Sayaka Shoji / Cleveland, OH

10/19/2016 - 10/23/2016

The world renowned Japanese classical violinist Sayaka Shoji will be returning to Cleveland, Ohio to perform with CityMusic Cleveland Chamber Orchestra. Shoji will perform Dorman's After Brahms, Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto, and Beethoven's Symphony No. 4. This event is supported under the JFNY Grant for Arts and Culture.

October 19, 7:30pm: Anshe Chesed Fairmount Temple (Beachwood, OH)
October 20, 7:30pm: Lakewood Congregational Church (Lakewood, OH)
October 21, 7:30pm: St. Noel Church (Willoughby Hills, OH)
October 22, 8pm: Shrine Church of St. Stanislaus (Cleveland, OH)
October 23, 5pm: St. Jerome Church (Collinwood, OH)

[Photo: Courtesy of the artist]

Exhibition: Japanese Prints of Kabuki Theater from the Collection of the University of Michigan Museum of Art / Ann Arbor, MI

10/15/2016 - 01/29/2017

This exhibition at the University of Michigan Museum of Art features woodblock prints of Kabuki actors, who were superstars in eighteenth- and nineteenth- century Japan. These prints include off- or backstage portrayals of the actors, fantasy scenes of actors in unlikely groupings, and even death portraits of especially famous actors, created by major artists such as Utagawa Toyokuni, Utagawa Kunisada, Utagawa Kuniyoshi and Toyohara Kunichika. This exhibition is supported under the Exhibitions Abroad Support Program.

[Image: Toyohara Kunichika, Twelve Hours of Magic, Hour of the Sheep: Iwai Hanshirō VIII as Shōden from The Heroic Tales of Jiraiya, Meiji era (1868-1912), 1877, color woodblock print on paper. University of Michigan Museum of Art, Gift of Dr. James Hayes, 2003/1.416.]

Cultural Event: Kiku: The Art of the Japanese Garden / Bronx, NY

10/08/2016 - 10/30/2016

Kiku, or the chrysanthemum, is the most celebrated of all Japanese fall-flowering plants. Hundreds of kiku returns to the New York Botanical Garden accompanied by the weekend programs such as ikebana demonstrations and taiko drumming. The weekend programs are supported under the JFNY Grant for Arts and Culture.

Exhibition: Crafting the Elements: Ceramic Art of Modern Japan from the Collection of Carol and Jeffrey Horvitz / Fairfield, CT

09/29/2016 - 12/16/2016

The exhibition at the rebranded Fairfield University Art Museum presents a choice selection of contemporary Japanese ceramics from one of the most distinguished private collections in America. Seen together, the more than thirty works on view highlight the creative dynamism and innovation that enlivens this most traditional art form as practiced by Japanese ceramic artists today. This exhibition is supported under the JFNY Grant for Arts and Culture.

[Image: Suzuki Gorō, Box #3, Yachishida, 2009, Oribe ware. Photo by Ben Bocko.]

Exhibition: Aki Sasamoto: Delicate Cycle / Long Island City, NY

09/19/2016 - 01/02/2017

SculptureCenter will present Aki Sasamoto's first solo exhibition in a U.S. museum. Working at the intersection of performance and sculpture, Sasamoto creates object scenarios out of narratives and actions. For this exhibition, Sasamoto will create a new body of work in relation to the site. This exhibition is supported by JFNY Grant for Arts and Culture.

[Photo: Aki Sasamoto, preliminary research image, 2016. Courtesy the artist.]

Exhibition: Tokyo-Ga / Miami, FL

08/24/2016 - 02/28/2017

Originated as a response to the disasters in Japan in 2011 that brought about an awareness of the global connectedness of not just the Japanese people but of all humanity, 51 photographs featuring the city of Tokyo will be on display at MIA Galleries at Miami International Airport. This exhibition is supported by JFNY Grant for Arts and Culture.

[Image: Yukinori Tokoro]

Exhibition: Abstract Traditions: Postwar Japanese Prints from the DePauw University Permanent Art Collection / Greencastle, IN

08/24/2016 - 12/09/2016

This exhibition at  at the Peeler Art Center, DePauw University features a pivotal moment in Japanese printmaking history in which artists broke away from centuries of workshop method of making prints and embraced the flexibility and spontaneous creativity by sketching, carving, and printing on their own. This exhibition is supported by JFNY Grant for Arts and Culture.

[Image:  Iwami Reika, Winter Composition No. 2, 1959, Woodblock print on paper, 17-5/16 x 12-1/4 inches, DePauw Art Collection: 2016.5.3, Gift of David T. Prosser, Jr. '65.]

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