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Lecture: CPSC Colloquia Part 2: Retooling Expectations / Los Angeles, CA


This colloquia with Hirokazu Miyazaki is supported under UCLA's Institutional Project Support (IPS) Grant.

Lecture: Year of Japan Lecture Series / Kennesaw, GA

04/10/2014, 04/17/2014, 04/24/2014

These events, part of Kennesaw State University's Year of Japan lecture series, are supported through the Institutional Project Support (IPS) Small Grant Program. Visit http://www.kennesaw.edu/yearofjapan/YOJ%20Spring%2010-18-13.pdf for more information.

Apr 10: Cyberpunk Ecologies: Manga, Anime, and the Posthuman
A lecture by Keith Leslie Johnson, Associate Professor of English at Georgia Regents University

Apr 17: Math and Science Education in Japan
A panel discussion featuring Tad Watanabe, Professor of Mathematics at KSU, Catherine Lewis of Mills College, and Blake Peterson of Brigham Young University.

Apr 24: The Tragedy of War: Japanese American Internment
A Traveling Schools Exhibit Opening Presentation, held at the KSU Center.

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