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The Dolls of Japan: Shapes of Prayer, Embodiment of Love Exhibit

03/10/2011 - 04/30/2011

(Nashville, TN)

Several educational & cultural events will take place at the TAL/Gallery, including Ikebana workshops, Origami workshops, School Tours, and a silent auction of a Vintage Silk Kimono."
For specific times & dates email: nmk21@bellsouth.net
Put Dolls in the subject line.

New York International Children's Film Festival 2011

03/04/2011 - 03/27/2011


A fabulous lineup of new features and short films from around the world, plus special events, filmmaker Q&As, workshops, opening and closing parties, audience voting, the NYICFF Awards Ceremony, and more. All events are expected to sell out. Full lineup and a downloadable brochure are now available.

Eiko & Koma's Retrospective Project: Regeneration at Redcat

03/02/2011 - 03/06/2011

(Los Angeles)

Eiko & Koma will present their Regeneration program, with performances of Raven (2010), Night Tide (1984) and White Dance (1976). Performances are March 2-5, 8:30pm and March 6, 3:00pm.

Eiko & Koma's Retrospective Project: Regeneration at Ringling Museum of Art

02/24/2011 - 02/26/2011

(Sarasota, FL)

Eiko & Koma will perform Raven, Night Tide and White Dance at the Ringling Museum of Art, as a stop on the tour of the Retrospective Project. Robert Mirabal, a renowned Native-American musician, will play live for Raven. Performances are at 7:30pm on February 24, 25 and 26.

SPLICE JAPAN at Dance New Amsterdam

02/24/2011 - 02/27/2011


DNA Presents SPLICE: Japan featuring World Premieres from 2 of our Artists in Residence:
"Pandora" Choreographed by MANA KAWAMURA/KAWAMURA THE 3RD. "Pandora" is a site-specific piece inspired by the legendary myth, Pandora's Box. Utilizing the walls and columns of DNA’s theater, the piece is movement-based and incorporates a theatrical essence.

Performed by Christiana Axelsen, Mana Kawamura, Lize-Lotte Pitlo, Andrea Rossi, Keelin Ryan, Lindy Schmedt. Music Composed by Susumi Hirasawa, J.S. Bach, Frederic Chopin, and Christian Marclay, mixed by Mana Kawamura; and "Order made" Choreographed by MAKIKO TAMURA/SMALL APPLE CO.

"Order made-6-" was originally two separate pieces called, "Order made" and "256", inspired by the lives of Tamura's grandparents. This new piece has been created by cutting out moments of their lives and reflecting on them. In this piece, two characters, a lady in a dress and a man in a suit, express significant moments in one couple’s lives such as birth, graduation, marriage, and funerals, which punctuate their lives with each flash. The characters are represented by various couples of dancers whose gender, race and age differ.

Performed by Jessica Herring, Michael Ingle, Asami Morita, Ryoji Sasamoto, Noriko Sugita and Makiko Tamura. Costumes by Makiko Tamura. Music composed and performed live by Chris Powers. Sound Design by Stephan Moore. Lighting Design by Amanda K. Ringger.

Sharaku-Interpreted by Contemporary Japanese Artists Woodblock Print Exhibit

02/04/2011 - 03/26/2011

(Albany, GA)

Beginning February 4, the Albany Museum of Art will host a major exhibition of contemporary Japanese art. The exhibition, titled "Sharaku - Interpreted by Contemporary Japanese Artists," includes reproductions of woodblock prints by 18th century Japanese printmaker, Toshusai Sharaku, as well as works paying homage to Sharaku by some of Japan's most notable contemporary artists and graphic designers, including Yasumasa Morimura, Takashi Murakami, and others.

Sharaku is the famous Edo-period ukiyo-e (woodblock print) artist who is known for his inimitable bust portraits of Kabuki actors. Despite his short-lived career from 1794 to 1795, Sharaku produced an innovative and influential body of work. The prints by Sharaku displayed in this exhibition are reproductions from the original wood-blocks created by the Adachi Institute of Woodcut Prints in Tokyo, Japan.

"Five Friends from Japan" Exhibit

01/29/2011 - 05/31/2011

(Houston, TX)

Journey to the Land of the Rising Sun, from January 29 - May 1, 2011. Travel without a passport to the new Five Friends from Japan exhibit at the Children's Museum of Houston. Designed to entertain by highlighting similarities and differences between Japan and the U.S., Five Friends from Japan peeks into contemporary Japanese life through individual stories of five new foreign friends. The exhibit advances understanding and appreciation of Japanese culture with true stories and real objects straight from Japan.

"Kutaniyaki: A Tribute to Tokuda Yasokichi III" Pottery Exhibit

01/26/2011 - 02/15/2011


The Nippon Gallery is pleased to host the Kutaniyaki Exhibition in tribute to the late Tokuda Yasokichi IIIí╩1933-2009), one of the most famous Kutani potters. He was designated as a Ningen Kokuho (Living Natioal Treasure) for his mastery of his Saiyu glaze (glaze with graduation of colors) in 1997.

Yasokichi III has made great efforts to develop his Saiyu technique based on old Kutani color glaze enameling techniques handed down from his grandfather. Saiyu is characterized by delicate shading and beautiful contrast of enamel glazed colors. Using this original technique, Yasokichi III has created his own world.

What has distinguished Yasokichi III is his ability to bring the beauty of Aote Ko-Kutani (old green Kutani) to life in a contemporary setting and the way he explores new possibiities for Kutani glaze enamels.

He previously held a solo exhibition at The Nippon Club in 1991.

At this exhibition to be held January 26 - February 15, 2011, twenty five of his works from after he was designated a Living National Treasure will be on display.

Date: 01/26/11 í┴ 02/15/11
Time: Mon.-Fri. 10:00 -18:00 Sat. 10:00-17:00 Closed on Sundays
Location: The Nippon Gallery
Fee: Free
Contact: info@nipponclub.org/(212) 581-2223

"Run, Salaryman, Run!": A Retrospective of Sabu's Film Works

01/26/2011 - 02/05/2011

Japan Society (NYC)

If you're looking for high speed, high style, hard luck, and the quirky lusts and lunacies of post-Bubble Japan, Sabu's your man.

Born Hiroyuki Tanaka (1964), Sabu is the cult auteur of "punk n' roll," alternative comedies, often imitated, never equaled, and far too rarely shown in the U.S. since his 1996 feature debut, Non-Stop a.k.a DANGAN Runner (included in our line-up). In a world of hazards and happenstance, Sabu zeroes in on blue and white collar everymen tossed into dangerously absurd situations from which they desperately try to run. As things speed along, Sabu brings a fresh and frantic twist to traditional film genres (the yakuza film, the thriller, etc.), giving their lean and clean-cropped premises the electroshock treatment and über edgy music scores. The Japanese filmmaker has drawn comparisons with Buster Keaton, Johnnie To and Doug Liman, but his satirical jamborees, more than just friendly black comedies, are truly unlike anything else on the silver screen: they are stamina tests, survival riffs, victory rolls.

"World Heritage Photo Panels from Japan: Two Thousand Years of Legacies" at Institute of Texan Cultures

01/15/2011 - 03/13/2011

(San Antonio, TX)

The Institute of Texan Cultures and UTSA’s East Asia Institute are co-hosting this exhibition, bringing more than 60 photos of Japan’s World Heritage Sites to Texas.

As of July 2008, 14 sites in Japan have been deemed World Heritage Sites under UNESCO’s World Heritage Convention. These include the Shirakami-Sanchi Mountain Range, Yaku-shima Island, Himeji-jo Castle, and the Buddhist monuments of the Horyu-ji Temple area.

Japan is one of 168 countries that signed the World Heritage Convention, pledging to the world that they will preserve the legacies within their lands for future generations and accept the obligation and responsibility to cooperate with other countries in protecting common World Heritage legacies of mankind. Today, there are 851 World Heritage sites in 135 nations.

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