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Fuzjko Hemming: Arigato Charity Concert/3.11 Earthquake & Tsunami Relief / New York, NY


Experience the music of Fuzjko Hemming, a legendary Japanese-Swedish pianist, whose debut CD over 2 million copies in Japan, at this special concert. Having won prizes in major competitions in Japan, Fuzjko continued her study in Berlin, and moved to Vienna. It was there she started suffering from severe hearing difficulties. This is her third appearance at Alice Tully Hall, and this year’s program includes works by Chopin, Debussy, Liszt and Mussorgsky. The portion of the concert’s proceeds goes to 2011 Japan Relief Fund.

Saturday, July 28, 7:30pm
Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center (1941 Broadway, New York NY 10023)

Exhibition: Struggling Cities: from Japanese Urban Projects in the 1960s / Cincinnati, OH

07/23/2012 - 08/30/2012

This traveling exhibit on loan from The Japan Foundation to DAAP Gallery in University of Cincinnati takes as its point of departure the various experimental ideas on the city that flourished in Japan in the 1960s and using a combination of diverse media — from architectural scale models to photographs and slides, along with animations and other audio-visuals. This exhibition examines various circumstances of Japanese and other cities up to the present day, and identifies in particular the distinctive aspects of those circumstances as they are manifested in present-day Tokyo.  Co-organized by the Consulate General of Japan in Detroit and The Japan Foundation.

Exhibition: DECO JAPAN: Shaping Art and Culture, 1920-1945 / Sarasota, FL

07/13/2012 - 10/28/2012

"DECO JAPAN" not only provides dramatic examples of the spectacular craftsmanship and sophisticated design long associated with Japan, it conveys the complex social and cultural tensions in Japan during the Taishô and early Shôwa epochs (1912-1945).
This exhibition is supported by JFNY Grant for Arts & Culture.

Film Screening: 11th Annual Asian Film Festival of Dallas / Dallas, TX

07/12/2012 - 07/19/2012

Asian Foundation of Dallas will host the 11th Annual Asian Film Festival of Dallas. This annual film festival has grown to become the South's largest showcase of Asian and Asian American cinema. From feature length films and shorts, to documentaries, this series highlights films from all across Asian, including films from Asian filmmakers here in the USA. This event is supported by JFNY Grant for Arts & Culture.

Film Screening: JAPAN CUTS - The New York Festival of Contemporary Japanese Cinema / New York, NY

07/12/2012 - 07/28/2012

JAPAN CUTS, North America's biggest Japanese film festival returns for its 6th consecutive year. JAPAN CUTS 2012, the New York Festival of Contemporary Japanese Cinema, will showcase 39 films including 14 co-presentations with the New York Asian Film Festival. This series is being supported by the Japan Foundation.

"The Woodsman and the Rain" The Woodsman and the Rain © 2011 Kitsutsuki to Ame Film Partners

Exhibition: Yayoi Kusama / New York, NY

07/12/2012 - 09/30/2012

Well known for her use of dense patterns of polka dots and nets, as well as her intense, large-scale environments,Yayoi Kusama's art encompasses an astonishing variety of media, including painting, drawing, sculpture, film, performance, and immersive installation. This retrospective features works across many mediums from the full chronology of Kusama's career. This exhibition is supported by JFNY Grant for Arts & Culture.

Exhibition: Factory Direct: Pittsburgh / Pittsburgh, PA

06/23/2012 - 09/09/2012

Factory Direct: Pittsburgh at Guardian Self-Storage, organized by The Andy Warhol Museum, showcases the artwork of 14 established contemporary artists invited to conduct artist residencies in Pittsburgh-based factories. One of the artists selected for this residency is Tomoko Sawada, who will be working with Heinz factory. This exhibition is supported by JFNY Grant for Arts & Culture.

Exhibition: Okinawa Art in NY / New York, NY

06/20/2012 - 07/27/2012

This exhibition consists of paintings, prints, fine crafts, photographs, visual art and contemporary art, by artists living in N.Y., the west coast of America, and Okinawa.  Exhibiting artists: Kanemasa Ashimine (Painting), Seikichi Tamanaha (Painting), Masayoshi Adaniya (Painting), Yoshiharu Higa (Photography, Painting), Ansei Uchima (Painting, Print), Kazu Oshiro (Installation, Painting), Yuken Teruya (Installation, Video), Seisyo Kuniyoshi (Stoneware), TOMMAX (Painting), Michiko Uehara (Textile), Takashi Ishimine (Photography), Kiyoko Sakata (Mixtmedia), Kenji Oyama (Video)

Exhibition: Unrivalled Splendor: The Kimiko and John Powers Collection of Japanese Art / Houston, TX

06/10/2012 - 09/23/2012

Unrivalled Splendor at The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, showcases some of the earliest known examples of Buddhist art in Japan; narrative scroll paintings; beautiful examples of calligraphy; screens embellished with gold and silver; sketches; sculptures; and objects of lacquer, pearl, and silver, from the collection of Kimiko and John Powers. The wide array, from courtly to popular works of art, reveals overlapping themes in Japanese art.  This exhibition is supported by The Japan Foundation through its Exhibitions Abroad Support Program.

Film Screening: Tai Kato Retrospective / Ann Arbor, MI

06/08/2012 - 06/10/2012

Japan Foundation is pleased to announce our co-organizing Tai Kato Retrospective with Center for Japanese Studies at University of Michigan from Friday, June 8 to Sunday, June 10. The program features 5 vibrant films of Kato's. All films are 35mm print and in Japanese with English subtitles.

June 8: Tokijiro of Kutsukake - Lone Yakuza, 7pm

June 9: Double Feature
The Red Peony Gambler: Flower Cards Match, 5pm
The Red Peony Gambler: Red Peony Finds a Daughter, 8pm

June 10th: Double Feature
Brave Records of the Sanada Clan, 5pm
Blood of Revenge, 8pm

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