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Exhibition: Lethal Beauty:Samurai Weapons and Armor / San Antonio, TX

09/28/2013 - 01/05/2014

Samurai Weapons and Armor offers visitors the opportunity to see the real thing-actual arms and armor made for use by the samurai. Ranging from the thirteenth to twentieth centuries, the 75 objects in the exhibition at San Antonio Museum of Art focus on works from the seventeenth to nineteenth centuries. Five full sets of armor will be on view, complete with masks and helmets. Remarkable weapons include long and short swords-the oldest of which dates to the 1200s-daggers, and even a few examples of early Japanese rifles. In addition, a brilliantly painted pair of folding screens illustrate samurai battles in the famous warrior epic Tale of Heike.

This exhibition is supported through JFNY Grant for Arts & Culture.

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