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Lecture: Action Through Art: The Poetry of Ono no Komachi / Los Angeles, CA


Director Tamara Ruppart, producer Ko Mori, and screenwriter Velina Hasu Houston will discuss their upcoming film about Ono no Komachi, “Path of Dreams” and actress Tamlyn Tomita will read selections from Ono no Komachi’s poetry. Sponsored by the Shinso Ito Center for Japanese Religions and Cultures at the University of Southern California and supported under the Institutional Project Support (IPS) Grant Program.

Film: Rearrangement of Frames and Memories: Japanese Experimental Cinema, 1970s to Today / Boston, MA


Acclaimed filmmaker Tomonari Nishikawa travels to Boston to present a program of rarely seen Japanese experimental cinema from the past several decades. Free and open to the public.

Time: 7pm
Venue: Paramount Center (559 Washington Street in downtown Boston)

Pulse (Keiichi Minegishi, 6 min., 1982)
Cessna (Takashi Nakajima, 20 min., 1974)
Film Display (Shunzo Seo, 5 min., 1979)
Wiper (Itaru Kato, 7 min., 1985)
Tokio House (Sumiaki Ishida, 7 min., 1990)
Land (Moe Suziki, 8 min., 2011)
Space is the Place (Eriko Sonoda, 6 min., 2011)
Rocking Chair (Shiho Kano, 13 min., 16mm, sound, 2000)
Shishosetsu (Nobuhiro Kawanaka, 8 min., 1987)

This program is supported by JFNY Grant for Arts and Culture.

[Image: Pulse (1982), Keiichi Minegishi]

Exhibition: World of Shojo Manga! Mirrors of Girls¡Ç Desires at Vassar College / Poughkeepsie, NY

10/27/2014 - 11/21/2014

This extensive exhibition explores the history of shojo manga, featuring more than sixty works dating from the 1950s to the present. Free and open to the public.

This show will be on view at two locations in Poughkeepsie:
The Palmer Gallery in Main Building at Vassar College
The Mildred I. Washington Gallery at Dutchess Community College

This exhibition is supported by JFNY Grant for Arts and Culture.

[Image: Kojiki (Record of Ancient matters), 2013, Machiko Satonaka]

Exhibition: Traditions Transfigured: The Noh Masks of Bidou Yamaguchi at Asia Society Texas Center / Houston, TX

10/25/2014 - 02/15/2015

This exhibition focuses on recent sculptures by Bidou Yamaguchi that apply the forms, techniques, transformative spirit, and mysterious elegance of Noh masks to iconic female portraits from the European art historical canon, and to Kabuki actor prints of Sharaku, Japan’s enigmatic 18th century portrait master. These works radically extend Noh’s transformation of souls across time and space, projecting them into new cultural and physical dimensions. This exhibition is supported by JFNY Grant for Arts and Culture.

[Photo courtesy of Asia Society Texas Center]

Exhibition: Prospect New Orleans / New Orleans, LA

10/25/2014 - 01/25/2015

Internationally renowned architect and 2014 recipient of the Pritzker Architecture Prize, Shigeru Ban will participate in Prospect New Orleans exhibiting his maquettes and design plans at the Longue Vue House and Gardens | Classical Revival mansion and gardens. This exhibition is supported by JFNY Grant for Arts and Culture.

Workshop: Modern Japanese History Workshop 2014: Japanese Politics, Nation and Gender Across Borders / Philadelphia, PA


A day-long regional assembly of students and specialists of modern Japan in the U.S. northeast and from abroad held at the University of Pennsylvania. Speakers include two scholars—Dr. Nanyan Guo and Dr. Kazuhiro Takii—from the International Research Center for Japanese Studies in Kyoto. This event is supported under the JFNY Grant in Japanese Studies.

Performance: Ryoji Ikeda¡Çs superposition / New York, NY; Minneapolis, MN; Ann Arbor, MI; Los Angeles, CA

10/17/2014 - 11/07/2014

superposition, the latest performance project by visual and sound artist Ryoji Ikeda, explores the way we understand the reality of nature on an atomic scale. Inspired by the mathematical notions of quantum mechanics, Ikeda employs a spectacular combination of synchronized video screens, real-time content feeds, digital sound sculptures, and for the first time in Ikeda’s work, human performers.

Tour Schedule:
Oct 17-18: Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, NY)
Oct 24-25: Walker Art Center (Minneapolis, MN)
Oct 31-Nov 1: Power Center for the Performing Arts (Ann Arbor, MI)
Nov 7: Royce Hall, UCLA (Los Angeles, CA)

This performance is supported by The Japan Foundation through its Performing Arts JAPAN program.

[Photo by Kazuo Fukunaga]

Performance: Strings and Serpents / New York, NY; Huntingdon, PA; Indiana, PA; Chicago, IL; Los Angeles, CA; Colorado Springs, CO; Burlington, VT; Quebec City, CANADA

10/16/2014 - 10/30/2014

Strings and Serpents, a multi-cultural multi-layered collaboration created by pianist/composer Andy Milne, combines the talents of French pianist Benoit Delbecq, Japan based TsuguKAJI-KOTO duo (Ai Kajigano & Tsugumi Yamamoto) and Japanese animator Saki Murotani. This project merges musical and visual forms into a unified experience, seamlessly blending Japanese and Western cultures.

Tour Schedule:
Oct 16: David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center (New York, NY)
Oct 18: Juniata College (Huntingdon, PA)
Oct 22: Indiana University of Pennsylvania (Indiana, PA)
Oct 23: PianoForte Foundation (Chicago, IL)
Oct 26: REDCAT (Los Angeles, CA)
Oct 28: Colorado College (Colorado Springs, CO)
Oct 29: Flynn Space (Burlington, VT)
Oct 30: Musée de Civilisation (Quebec City, Canada)

This performance is supported by The Japan Foundation through its Performing Arts JAPAN program.

[Photo by Scott Harrison]

Workshop: Obento: Japanese Culture in a Box - Learn to make a Japanese lunch box- / Chattanooga, TN; Tuscaloosa, AL

10/15/2014, 10/20/2014

Boston Globe food writer and cookbook author Debra Samuels will conduct a workshop on obento, a Japanese term for 'lunch' or 'lunchbox.' Participants will have an opportunity to learn the cultural background of obento, through a presentation by Samuels and a hands-on workshop. For details please click here.

This program is co-organized with the Japan Foundation, New York, The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and The University of Alabama.

[Photo by Debra Samuels]

Exhibition: World Heritage Photo Exhibition at Mississippi State University / Mississipi State, MS

10/13/2014 - 11/11/2014

The Japan Foundation is pleased to loan photographic works of World Heritage sites in Japan by photographer Kazuyoshi Miyoshi to the Mississippi State University. The artworks will be on view at the Colvard Student Union Art Gallery.

For details regarding the Japanese World Heritage photo works and their loans please click here.

[Photo: Nachi¡¾taisha Shrine and Nachi no Otaki Fall, Wakayama © Kazuyoshi Miyoshi / PPS]

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