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Lecture: °»KABUKI: WHAT°«S IT ALL ABOUT?°… / New York, NY


Please join us on July 2 at The Nippon Club for a public lecture “KABUKI: WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT?” Prof. Samuel L. Leiter of Brooklyn College and the Graduate Center, CUNY will provide a brief, well-illustrated overview of kabuki’s origin and development, and explain a number of theatrical methods that will help make kabuki easily understandable. Space is limited and RSVP required. Click here for more details.

Performance: Jazz Saxophonist Sadao Watanabe / New York, NY


One of Japan's greatest jazz musicians, Sadao Watanabe is back in New York City. His work encompasses a large range of styles, and he has collaborated with musicians from all over the world. Joined by an ensemble of talented American musicians, he gives a rare performance at the Asia Society as part of Blue Note Jazz Festival.

This performance is supported by JFNY Grant for Arts and Culture.

Exhibition: Artists from Postwar Japan: Days of Struggle in New York, 1960s-1970s at The Nippon Club / New York, NY

06/19/2014 - 07/17/2014

This exhibition showcases masterpieces by Japanese artists who have settled in New York from 1956 to 1970, surveying how they were influenced by the cultural environment in New York, and how their Japanese sensitivity to traditional methods has been an integral part of the world's biggest art scene.
This exhibition is nominally supported by The Japan Foundation, New York.

Photo: Ushio Shinohara, Canal Street in the summer, 1983
Photo by Noriko Shinohara

Exhibition: Bringing the World into the World at Queens Museum / Queens, NY

06/15/2014 - 10/12/2014

Inspired by the largest object in the museum's collection, the Panorama of the City of New York (9,355 square foot scale model of the metropolis commissioned by master builder Robert Moses for the 1964-65 New York World's Fair), Bringing the World into the World is an exhibition exploring the physical and intellectual experiences of the act of seeing. The show will feature new commissions and existing works by internationally recognized artists including Hikaru Hayakawa and Yumi Kori.
This exhibition is supported by the Exhibitions Abroad Support Program.

Photo: Harun Farocki, Deep Play, 2007 (Installation view, Kunsthaus Bregenz), 12-channel video installation
Courtesy the artist and Greene Naftali, New York
Photograph: © Markus Tretter 2010

Performance: Japanese Arts in Latin America: Shiro Otake "Iberoamericana" / Asuncion & Encarnacion, Paraguay, Buenos Aires & Cordoba, Argentina

06/02/2014 - 06/15/2014

Renowned folkloric guitarist Shiro Otake will visit cities in Paraguay and Argentina to offer the music of his beloved master Atahualpa Yupanqui as well as his own compositions.

This event is co-organized with the Embassy of Japan in Paraguay and Argentina.

Photo by Kunihiko Horiguchi

Performance: The Intimate World of Toshio Hosokawa / New York, NY


Perspective Emsembles presents a concert of chamber music by Toshio Hosokawa with special guest Miwako Handa, soprano, and Ralph Samuelson, shakuhachi, on May 29 at Tenri Cultural Institute. The program is curated in collaboration with the composer.

This concert is supported by JFNY Grant for Arts and Culture.

Workshop: History, Politics, and Historians / Los Angeles, CA


In this workshop, organizers and participants will reflect on how the politics of the Cold War shaped the ways in which Japanese historians approached the past during the period of 1950s-80s. Supported by Institutional Project Support (IPS) Grant which was given to UCLA.

Performance: The Sonic Life of a Giant Tortoise / Brooklyn, NY

05/24/2014 - 06/29/2014

The Play Company is returning with the Japanese playwright Toshiki Okada, American translator Aya Ogawa, and American director Dan Rothenberg, to produce the English-language premiere of Okada's play THE SONIC LIFE OF A GIANT TOURTOISE at the JACK space in Brooklyn in May/June 2014. This project is supported by JFNY Grant for Arts and Culture.

Performance: Brookline Sakura Matsuri / Brookline, MA


Brookline Sakura Matsuri will be taken place on Saturday, May 10, from noon to 4 p.m. at Brookline High School. The festival includes taiko drumming by five local New England area groups: The Genki Spark, ShinDaiko, Odaiko New England, Mountain River Taiko, Boston Miyake Taiko, and Burlington Taiko, as well as bon odori and Japanese food, crafts & games.

This project is supported by JFNY Grant for Arts and Culture.

Exhibition: Koki Tanaka at Frieze Projects New York / New York, NY

05/09/2014 - 05/12/2014

Japanese artist Koki Tanaka turns common objects and seemingly banal actions into reflections on the passage of time and the organization of everyday life. At Frieze New York - which the artist describes as both a social place and a market place - Tanaka will insert a series of incongruous presences, inviting representatives from the 'invisible communities' that inhabit Randall's Island to spend the day at the fair, carrying out activities that are not usually performed at Frieze.
This project is supported by JFNY Grant for Arts and Culture.

Image: "precarious tasks #0 communal tea drinking" 2012, collective acts. Created with Aoyama Meguro, Tokyo and too much magazine.

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