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To encourage international cultural exchange, the Japan Foundation has various types of support programs.  By making available the tools, opportunities, and venues that facilitate exchange activities, we invite individuals and organizations actively engaged in such a mission to participate in our programs.


To begin, please read carefully the Notes and General Instructions:

Notes from the Japan Foundation, New York Office

General Instructions (from the Japan Foundation headquarter)


For Center for Global Partnership (CGP)s programs, please visit www.cgp.org/programs/


Arts & Cultural Exchange


For Institutions

Performing Arts JAPAN Program    Due October 27, 2014 - NOW OPEN
Exhibitions Abroad Support Program*    Due December 1, 2014 - NOW OPEN


*Projects originating in the following 37 states east of the Rocky Mountains should send application to the New York Office.

For other states, please visit our Los Angeles office website.


Japanese Studies


For Institutions

Institutional Project Support (IPS) Program    Due November 3, 2014 - NOW OPEN
Institutional Project Support - Small Grant Program    Due October 10, 2014 - NOW OPEN
Japan-America Collegiate Exchange Travel Program
First due July 1, 2013 (closed), Second due September 30, 2013 (closed)
JFNY Grant for Japanese Studies   Rolling deadline


For Individuals

Japanese Studies Fellowship Program  Due November 1, 2013


Japanese-Language Education


For Individuals

Japanese Language Grants   Administered by JF Los Angeles office, various deadlines


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