1. Purpose

In order to promote Japanese Studies overseas, this program provides support to outstanding scholars in the field by providing the opportunity to conduct research in Japan.

2. Categories and Duration of Fellowship
The minimum and maximum durations for the fellowship are indicated in parentheses. The duration of the fellowship may be adjusted by the Foundation.

Scholars and Researchers (Long-Term) (2-12 months): Scholars and researchers in the humanities or social sciences. Applicants must hold a Ph.D. or equivalent professional experience.

Scholars and Researchers (Short-Term) (21-59 days): Scholars and researchers in the humanities or social sciences who need to conduct intensive research in Japan. Applicants must hold a Ph.D. or equivalent professional experience.
Doctoral Candidates (4-12 months): Doctoral candidates in the humanities or social sciences. Applicants must have achieved ABD status by the time the fellowship begins.
3. Eligibility

Basic Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must be American citizens, American citizens temporarily residing abroad, or permanent residents of the United States. Americans with permanent residency in other countries should submit their applications to the Japan Foundation’s office in the country where they reside or to the Japanese diplomatic mission of their resident country using a different form by early December 2013 (TBD).

Applicants residing in the United States who are neither U.S. citizens nor permanent residents should submit their applications to the Foundation’s Tokyo Headquarters using a different form.

Doctoral Candidates must have achieved ABD status by the time the fellowship begins.

Applicants for Scholars and Researchers program (both Long-Term and Short-Term) must hold a Ph.D. or equivalent professional experience in research, teaching and writing in the fields of the humanities or social sciences.
Previous recipients of Japan Foundation fellowships, such as the Japanese Studies Fellowship, or Abe Fellowship, etc., are eligible to reapply only if, on April 1, 2014, a full three years have elapsed since the termination of their most recent fellowship. Previous Short-Term Research Fellows may reapply after one full year from the termination of their most recent fellowships.
Applicants may hold only one fellowship sponsored by the Japan Foundation, which includes the Abe Fellowship, during any one Japanese fiscal year, which runs from April 1 through March 31.
Applicants must be in good health.
Applicants must be proficient in either Japanese or English.
Applicants must secure all affiliation arrangements by the application deadline (excluding the Research Fellowship (Short-Term)).
In principle, applicants must be able to stay continuously in Japan for the term of fellowship.
Individuals meeting any of the following conditions are not eligible to apply:

Scholars or researchers in the natural sciences, medicine or engineering;

Undergraduates; Master’s degree candidates; those intending to enroll in Undergraduate or Master’s courses at universities in Japan; or graduates who are to pursue Ph.D. courses in Japan;

Those who intend to use the fellowship for political or religious purposes;

Those who primarily intend to enhance their Japanese language ability or technical skills;

Those who intend to develop and/or produce Japanese language teaching materials;

Those who intend to acquire artistic training in the area of Japanese traditional culture (tea ceremony, flower arrangement, etc);

Those who plan to receive other grants concurrently with the fellowship;

Those who will have been in Japan continuously between April 1, 2013 and April 1, 2014.

4. Selection Criteria

Project quality is evaluated on the basis of the following:
a. The project’s significance to the field and to the applicant’s professional development
b. The project’s feasibility in terms of time and resources
c. The securing of appropriate affiliation
d. Evidence that residence in Japan is necessary for completion of the project
e. Plans to disseminate research findings, etc., in Japan and abroad

Training, academic history, academic rank or position, professional reputation, and accomplishments are evaluated.

Former Japan Foundation fellows who have been awarded two or more Foundation fellowships will be put under particularly rigorous examination.

To the extent permitted by program requirements and selection criteria, efforts are made to maintain disciplinary, geographic, and institutional diversity. (Applications from the Social Science fields are highly welcomed.)

For the Doctoral Fellowship, higher priority will be given to those who are expected to submit their dissertation thesis shortly after the completion of the fellowship; preference will normally be given to doctoral candidates under 35 years of age.

For the Research Fellowship (Long-Term), priority will be given to relatively junior scholars and researchers, and to those with less research experience in Japan.

For the Research Fellowship (Short-Term), priority will be given to relatively experienced scholars and researchers who are expected to publish their research results shortly after the completion of their fellowship.

5. Benefits

Research and Doctoral Fellowships

Research Fellows (Long-Term)
Doctoral Fellows
Airfare (see Note (1))
Economy class airfare to and from Japan
Traveler’s insurance policy
Settling-in allowance (see Note (2))
Departure allowance
Monthly stipend (see Note (3))
JPY430,000 or JPY370,000
Dependent allowance (see Note (4))
Enrollment fees
Actual amount, up to JPY50,000/month
Research allowance
Up to JPY 40,000/month
Grantees already in Japan before the commencement of the fellowship will receive only a one-way airfare to their home countries.

Grantees already in Japan before the commencement of the fellowship are not eligible for this allowance.
The amount of the monthly stipend for Research Fellows is determined in accordance with the grantee’s professional status.
This allowance will be provided to Fellows whose dependents reside in Japan continuously for more than six months.
Research Fellowship (Short-Term)
Airfare (see Note)
Economy class airfare to and from Japan
Traveler’s insurance policy
Per-diem allowance
Grantees already in Japan before the commencement of the fellowship will receive only a one-way airfare to their home countries.
6. Basic Terms and Conditions

The Japan Foundation fellowships are tenable only in Japan.

Fellows are expected to devote their full time to the pursuit of the goal described in their applications.

The proposal commencement date for 2014-2015 must fall between May 20, 2014 and March 15, 2015.

In principle, no change in the month of the commencement or of the termination of the fellowship will be allowed. If a grantee must change either for unavoidable reasons, he/she must obtain the Foundation’s approval beforehand, in writing.

If a grantee is offered any other grant whose duration overlaps with that of the Foundation’s fellowship, he/she must decline either the Foundation’s fellowship or the other grant for the overlapping period. If there is overlap, the Foundation will not permit any change in the commencement month of the fellowship, in order to allow the fellow to receive both grants.

No extension of the duration of the fellowship can be allowed for any reason whatsoever.

Applicants are responsible for making the necessary arrangements for institutional affiliation. Fellows are also responsible for securing their own long-term accommodations.

7. Notification of Results

Principal awardees will be notified of the results starting April 2014 through the Japan Foundation, New York. Alternate awardees will be notified as fellowships become available. The Foundation will not inform referees/recommenders or advisors/affiliates of the results of screening.

The Foundation cannot discuss the status of any application during the screening process.

8. Obligation

Grant programs of the Japan Foundation are operated in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of the Foundation.
If fellows are mentioned in publicity or media during the fellowship period, fellows are, in principle, to specify that they are in Japan on a Japan Foundation Fellowship.
Fellows are to submit quarterly reports during the fellowship period, a final project report, and an outcome of the project, i.e., a book or a report, etc., to the Japan Foundation.
9. Disclosure of Information

When a request for information based on the Law Concerning the Disclosure of Information Held by Independent Administrative Institutions, etc. (Law No. 140 of December 5, 2001) is received, materials such as submitted application forms will be disclosed (unless stipulated by said law as not to be disclosed).
10. Use of Personal Information

The Japan Foundation handles personal information in concordance with the Law Concerning Access to Personal Information Held by Independent Administrative Institutions (Law No. 59 of 2003).
Details of the fellowship, such as name, gender, occupation, position, project title, advisor, affiliated institution, etc., are published in the Detailed Annual Report of the Japan Foundation Activities, the Annual Report, the Japan Foundation Newsletter, Fellows List, the Foundation’s website, and in any other public-relations materials. They are also used to compile statistics in the Annual Report.
There may be cases in which details of the fellowships described above are released to the press for publicity purposes.
Copies of applications are provided to outside consultants in the screening process and in the evaluation of the completed project. Consultants will handle information in concordance with the Foundation’s personal information security policies.
There may be cases in which questionnaires are sent to fellows and their advisors after the project has ended.
There may be cases in which the Japan Foundation uses the information written on the application form to contact the applicant to inform him/her of other Foundation activities or to send public-relations materials.
11. Past Japanese Studies Fellows

You can refer to the past recipients of the Japanese Studies Fellowship here.
12. Application Procedures

The application deadline is 11:59pm EST on November 1, 2013. Applications must be submitted on-line at https://www.jfny.org/japanese_studies/fellowship/createaccount.php. For further information or questions, please contact jf_fellowship@jfny.org.


Japanese Studies Fellowship Program

The Japan Foundation, New York
Tel: 212-489-0299
Fax: 212-489-0409
Email Inquiry: jf_fellowship@jfny.org

Applicants who hold neither U.S. citizenship nor permanent-residency status, or applicants who hold U.S. citizenship and permanent resident status in another country in which they are residing (except for Japan), should use a different form, which is available from the nearest Japan Foundation office or Japanese diplomatic mission. The deadline is to be decided (last year's deadline: Dec. 1).

Multiple applications from the same applicant will make all applications invalid.