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JAILA Lecture Tour in Brazil "Telling Our Story: Coalition Building and the Asian American Journalists Association" by Lori Matsukawa


This year's JAILA (Japanese Arts in Latin America) program featured lectures, music performance, and cultural exchange. Here is Ms. Lori Matsukawa's report on her lecture tour this August in Sao Paulo, Tome-Acu, Belem and Brasilia, Brazil.

Rieko Matsuura: An Evening with a Contemporary Japanese Novelist


The Japan Foundation New York office invited Ms. Rieko Matsuura, celebrated female Japanese novelist, for a one week tour in New York and Seattle in late February, early March. The tour was launched in concert with the English publication of Matsuura's novel, "The Apprenticeship of Big Toe P," a gripping read and award-winning best seller in Japan...

Hogaku: New Sounds of Japan 2010


The Japan Foundation organized a three-city U.S. tour of Hogaku (traditional Japanese music) in January 2010, presenting three duo groups: TsuguKaji-KOTO (koto), OYAMA X NITTA (tsugaru shamisen) and HIDE & MIHO (percussion).

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