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PERFORMANCE: Reflecting Rhythms: From Taiko to Tap - Kazunori Kumagai and Kaoru Watanabe / New York, NY


The Japan Foundation co-presents a performance by the award-winning tap dancer Kazunori Kumagai and the multi-instrumentalist and composer Kaoru Watanabe, with Asia Society. Each artist will perform a solo before coming together at the end for a rhythmic explosion. Kumagai, who was dubbed as the "Japanese Gregory Hines" by The Village Voice, tours all over the world and won the Bessie Award 2016 for Outstanding Performer. Watanabe is acclaimed for his innovative approach to powerful Japanese drums. He has a passion for cross-cultural and multi-disciplinary collaborations, including working with Bando Tamasaburo, Jason Moran, and Martin Scorsese. Watanabe was a performer and artistic director of the taiko ensemble Kodo for close to a decade. These outstanding artists have been devoting themselves to both traditional art forms and exploring innovative expressions. Their performances will bring a warm wind to freezing New York City. Don't miss this opportunity to see the special one-night-only performance!

The performance takes place on February 2, 7pm at Asia Society, 725 Park Avenue, New York, NY. Admission is free.

[Photos: (top) Kazunori Kumagai © Makoto Ebi / (bottom) Kaoru Watanabe © Yuki Kokubo]

PERFORMANCE: Kei Takei's Moving Earth Orient Sphere / New York, NY

01/25/2018 - 01/27/2018

On the opening night of LUMBERYARD In the City Winter Festival, Kei Takei’s Moving Earth Orient Sphere performs in the United States for the first time in 17 years in this two-part production featuring a solo from Light, Part 8 (1974) and the U.S. premiere of Light, Part 44 (Bamboo Forest). This performance is nominally supported by The Japan Foundation, New York.

The performance takes place from January 25 through January 27, 8pm at New York Live Arts, 219 W 19th Street, New York, NY 10011.

[Photo: Kei Takei - Bamboo Forest (2016) © Foumio Takashima]

EXHIBITION: Just Dandy: Japanese Gentlemen's Accessories¡ÝEugene and Susan Tosk Collection / New York, NY

01/25/2018 - 02/21/2018

This exhibition drawn from the Eugene and Susan Tosk Collection showcases personal accessories owned by Japanese men in the Edo and Meiji periods. Exhibits include netsuke (wearable miniature sculpture), inro (compartmented medicine or seal case), ojime beads, pipes, pipe cases, as well as sword guards and utility knives, some specially made by master artists of the time. This exhibition is nominally supported by The Japan Foundation, New York.

The exhibition is on view from January 25 through February 21 at The Nippon Gallery at The Nippon Club, 145 W 57th St, New York, NY 10019.

[Image: Sagemono set of sealife (inro, ojime and netsuke), © Susan Tosk]

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