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HOGAKU: New Sound of Japan 2011 at Asia Society


Re-envisioning Japanese traditional music (hogaku) in a modern context, this Hogaku Concert series feature exciting artists who have taken the contemporary music scene by storm.

The sixth in this series of hogaku music, this year's showcase will feature Yumi Kurosawa on koto (Japanese zither) Akiko Sakurai on satsuma biwa (short-necked fretted lute), and the duo SANSHI on hosozao shamisen (long-necked lute).

These artists portray the latest trend of Japanese hogaku music, from timeless classics to cutting edge originals.

¡ÈFashioning Kimono: Art Deco and Modernism in Japan¡ÉExhibit

11/03/2010 - 01/09/2011

Tulane University (New Orleans, LA)

Extraordinary examples of kimono created during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, one of the most dynamic periods in the history of Japan's national costume, comprise Fashioning Kimono: Art Deco and Modernism in Japan.

Included are formal, semi-formal, and casual kimono worn by men, women, and children. Some of the garments reflect historical continuity, while others show how Western visual themes began to eclipse Japanese motifs.

Comprised of kimono from the internationally- renowned Montgomery Collection in Switzerland, the show is presented by Art Services International.

November 3, 2010 - January 9, 2011
opening reception: November 3, 6 - 8 pm

Yoshitomo Nara: Nobody's Fool

09/09/2010 - 01/02/2011

Asia Society (NYC)

Asia Society, New York devotes its entire exhibition space to a major retrospective of Japanese artist, Yoshitomo Nara, one of the most influential Neo-Pop artists working today. The exhibition comprises 20 years' worth of paintings, sculpture, drawings, and large-scale installations.

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