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Literature: Monkey Business: Japan/America: Writer's Dialogue / New York, NY


Japan Foundation and Asia Society will once again join with Monkey Business to co-present an American-Japanese literary dialogue in conjunction with the PEN World Voices International Festival. Japanese writers Gen'ichiro Takahashi and tanka poet Mina Ishikawa will be joined by American writer Paul Auster and poet Charles Simic. The conversation will be facilitated by translators Ted Goossen and Motoyuki Shibata, editors of Monkey Business. Followed by a book sale and signing. Co-sponsored by A Public Space, and Monkey Business.

Lecture: Rethinking Anti-Japanese Racism in Los Angeles: From Past to Present / Los Angeles, CA


University of Southern California’s Center for Japanese Religions and Culture and the Japan Foundation present a talk by Dr. Lon Kurashige, focusing on anti-Japanese racism in early twentieth century Los Angeles.
This event is supported by The Japan Foundation IPS program.

Conference: °»Teaching Japan Conference: Between Lecture:°∆Cool°« and 3-11: Implications for Teaching Japan Today / Elizabethtown, NY

04/27/2013 - 04/28/2013

This conference will provide a forum to discuss how Japanese culture has been recalibrated by 3.11, how it’s influenced the audience for Japanese Studies, and finally how researchers and educators incorporate 3.11 into their work and classrooms. Over twenty panels have been scheduled.  This event is supported through JFNY Grant for Japanese Studies.

Exhibition: Better Homes / New York, NY

04/22/2013 - 07/08/2013

This exhibition at the Sculpture Center brings together a group of artists who examine the construction of the interior through design and homemaking from critical perspectives, including the Japanese artist Yuki Kimura.
This event is supported through JFNY Grant for Arts & Culture.

Lecture: °»A Complex Profile of Heritage Language Lecture: Learners, their Pedagogical Needs, and Suggested Pedagogical Approach / Long Island City, NY


Professor Masako Douglas, California State University Long Beach, will discuss the unique pedagogical needs of heritage language speakers, school curricula and community schools for them, and differences between the linguistic profiles of heritage language speakers and traditional language learners.  This event is supported through JFNY Grant for Japanese Studies.

Language: Conversation Café / New York, NY


Come join JF Japanese Language Course Conversation Café on Tuesday, April 16, 6:30 pm at The Nippon Club. Chat in Japanese with native speakers and fellow Japanese learners over a cup of Japanese tea, soft drinks and snacks! The topic is Ohanami (Cherry Blossom Viewing). Space is limited and RSVP is required. Click here for more information.

Lecture: Yume ka utsutsu ka: Dream or Reality?: Exploring the World of Dream in Japanese Noh Theatre / Kalamazoo, MI


Dr. Shelley Fenno Quinn of The Ohio State University, will give a presentation on the mugen nō, sometimes called "
dream Noh" or "phantasm Noh," and how this group of plays blends dream and reality and the living and the dead. This event is supported by Japan Foundation IPS program.

Exhibition: Samurai! Armor from the Ann and Gabriel Barbier-Mueller Collection at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston / Boston, MA

04/14/2013 - 08/04/2013

Travel back in time and discover remarkable objects that illuminate the life, culture, and pageantry of the revered and feared Japanese warriors - from one of the best and largest collections in the world. Featuring more than 140 objects including helmets, full suits of exquisitely crafted armor, weapons, horse armor, and accoutrements used for both battle and ceremonies, the exhibition illustrates the evolution of the distinctive appearance and equipment of the samurai warrior through the centuries and examines their history.
This exhibition is supported through the Exhibition Abroad Support Program.

Image: Armor of the nimaitachidō type (nimaitachidō tōsei gusoku), Detail
Attributed Myōchin Yoshimichi (helmet bowl); Myōchin Munenori (armor) Muromachi period, about 1400 (helmet bowl); mid- Edo period, 18th century (armor)
Photograph by Brad Flowers © The Ann and Gabriel Barbier-Mueller Museum, Dallas
Courtesy Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Lecture: The Buddha You Never Knew: Reimagining a Prince of Ancient India in Japan / Kalamazoo, MI


Western Michigan University's Soga Japan Center and the Japan Foundation present a talk by Dr. Micah Auerback,University of Michigan, on tales of the life of the Buddha, tracing his steps as a prince in India to a hero in Japan. This event is supported by Japan Foundation IPS program.

Exhibition: Interactive audio-visual lantern field / Washington, DC

04/04/2013 - 04/08/2013

Inspired by traditional Japanese lantern festivals, this installation will celebrate the ephemeral, fleeting nature of materials traditionally used in Japanese rituals and events. The lanterns will be suspended from a grid of bamboo that will be hung inside the courtyard loggia. On April 6, the
design team will run a workshop in which the public participate in making of the lanterns, and the work will gradually grow over the course of the day.
This exhibition runs in conjunction with the National Cherry Blossom Festival at The Smithsonian's Freer Gallery of Art.
This event is supported through JFNY Grant for Arts & Culture.

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