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For detailed information and application forms, please contact the appropriate Japan Foundation office in the U.S. as follows:

Arts & Cultural Exchange

Except for Performing Arts JAPAN Program, all 37 states east of the Rocky Mountains should contact The Japan Foundation, New York office. The other 13 states west of the Rocky Mountains should contact The Japan Foundation, Los Angeles office.


Japanese Studies

Residents of all 50 states should contact The Japan Foundation, New York office.


Japanese-Language Education

Residents of all 50 states should contact The Japan Foundation, Los Angeles office.

Before applying for Japan Foundation programs, carefully read the program outlines and eligibility requirements.

Some of the application forms can be downloaded from the Japan Foundation, New York website . However, please note the Japan Foundation does not accept applications submitted by e-mail.

Eligibility of Applicants

Please note that some programs are open only to individuals, while others are open only to institutions/organizations.


Applicants must fulfill the following requirements in order to be eligible:

a) Applicants must have the capabilities necessary for implementing the planned projects.

b) The receipt of grants or support from the Japan Foundation must not violate any laws, regulations, or ordinances.

c) (When the applicants are organizations) Applicants must have a bank account in the institution's name in order to receive grants from the Japan Foundation.


Citizenship Requirements:

a) U.S. institutions and U.S. citizens who reside in the U.S.;

b) U.S. citizens who reside outside of the U.S. and who do not have permanent-resident status in their country of domicile; and

c) Citizens of any country who reside in the U.S. with permanent-resident status.


In principle, the Japan Foundation does not provide grants for:


a) Foreign governments, including their administrative organs and their embassies and consulates-general in Japan, (exceptions being academic, cultural or research institutes such as universities and museums); and

b) International organizations to which the Japanese government makes a financial contribution.


For a detailed explanation of eligibility, please refer to the relevant section and application instructions attached to the application forms for each program.



Projects must fulfill the following requirements to be eligible for application:


a) Plans and methods for implementing the projects must be appropriate and there must be sufficient expectation that the projects will yield positive results.

b) Projects must not be for religious or political purposes.


Applicants who have already received support for the past three consecutive years will be unable to become recipients for a fourth year under the same program. This is a measure to enable the Japan Foundation to extend its support to as many applicants as possible by withdrawing from long-term funding to the same recipients. Applicants who were subject to this principle and not accepted for Fiscal 2013-2014 are eligible to apply for Fiscal 2014-2015, and applications will be screened accordingly.


Selections and Notifications

The Japan Foundation will screen applications by March 2013, and decisions will be announced in April or May 2013. (Some programs have different schedule.)



Please note that applications must be postmarked or arrive by the program-specific deadline. Any applications postmarked or arriving after the deadline will not be considered.


Programs of the Center for Global Partnership (CGP) There are some differences concerning the method of application and deadlines. Please refer to the CGP's Grant Application Guidelines for further information.


Disclosure of Information

Details of projects supported by the Japan Foundation (e.g. name of the applicant and project description) will be made public in the Kokusai Koryu Kikin Jigyo Jisseki (Detailed Annual Reports of the Japan Foundation Activities), on the Japan Foundation's website, and in other public relations materials.


When a request for information based on the “Law Concerning the Disclosure of Information Held by Independent Administrative Institutions, etc.” (Law No. 140 of December 5, 2001), is received, materials such as submitted application forms will be disclosed (unless stipulated by law as not to be disclosed).


Protection of Personal Information

In accordance with the Law Concerning Access to Personal Information Held by Independent Administrative Institutions (Law No. 59 of 2003), the Japan Foundation handles personal information appropriately.


There may be cases in which the Japan Foundation uses personal information to inform grantees of other Japan Foundation activities or to send them some public-relations materials, as well as for screening, implementation, and evaluation procedures of projects. Personal information such as a grantee's name, project title, and affiliation is also carried in the Detailed Annual Report of the Japan Foundation Activities, the Annual Report , on the Japan Foundation's website, and other public-relations materials. Personal information is also used in compiling statistics carried in the Annual Report. For details regarding the use of personal information in each program, please refer to each program's Application Instructions.


Grants from the Japan Foundation

Grant programs of the Japan Foundation are operated in accordance the relevant laws and regulations of the Japan Foundation.


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