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The Japan Foundation, since its establishment in 1972, has been supporting Japanese studies all over the world and has implemented surveys on the state of Japanese studies in many countries.  In cooperation with University of Hawaii, surveys were conducted for North America in 1984, 1995 and 2005 the results of which were published as multi-volume sets.


Japan Foundation wishes to announce the launch of a brand new “Directory of Japanese studies in the United States and Canada.”  Since the publication of the last survey in 2005, domestic and international circumstances in Japan have dramatically changed. In March 2011, northeastern Japan was devastated by the massive earthquake and tsunami disaster, while the financial crisis continues to put stress on the world’s economy.  These changes should also have no little impact on scholars and institutions of Japanese studies. Therefore, we believe that this new survey, in the midst of such change in Japan as well as the world will provide not only a picture of the current state of Japanese studies but also as a marker or landmark for the future of Japanese studies. It is our hope it will be useful in promoting collaborative efforts and networking among those who are engaged in activities related in Japan, not only in North America, but the rest of the world.


Unlike the previous volumes, the survey results, data, and information will only be available online.


We welcome all of our colleagues in the field of Japanese and Asian studies to visit this new online resource.


Link: http://japandirectory.socialsciences.hawaii.edu



Japanese Studies Surveys in North America (Canada and US)

2005 Directory and Monograph (link only)

There are two kinds of survey publications: a Directory (a list of Japanese studies institutions and specialists) and a Monograph (report and analysis of survey).

Directory of Japan Specialists and Japanese Studies Institutions in the United States and Canada-Japanese Studies Series XXXV 2006-
* A set of three green books in a black box (Vol.1 to 3)
* Access: Available as a general book distributed by University of Hawaii Press.
Price: US $75
Also available on Amazon.com.


Japanese Studies in the United States and Canada: Continuities and Opportunities - Japanese Studies Series XXXVI 2006 -
* A black book with green print
* Access: University of Hawaii Press is accepting orders.
Price: US $30

If you want to order either survey, please contact:
William H. Hamilton, Director
University of Hawaii Press
808-956-6218 (Ph)
808-988-6052 (Fax)


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