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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Seminar


On November 10, 2010, the Japan Foundation with the support of the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of New York, Consulate General of Japan in New York, and JETRO New York hosted a CSR Seminar at the Nippon Club. The event was at capacity with 80 guests in attendance.

JAILA Lecture Tour in Brazil "Telling Our Story: Coalition Building and the Asian American Journalists Association" by Lori Matsukawa


This year's JAILA (Japanese Arts in Latin America) program featured lectures, music performance, and cultural exchange. Here is Ms. Lori Matsukawa's report on her lecture tour this August in Sao Paulo, Tome-Acu, Belem and Brasilia, Brazil.

°»The US-Japan Network for the Future°… Workshop in Washington, DC


A workshop for the °»US-Japan Network for the Future,°… a program launched recently through collaboration between CGP and the Maureen and the Mike Mansfield Foundation program, was held in mid-June. Taking advantage of the Washington, DC location, there were discussions with US senior government officials and correspondents from Japanese media, visits to the Pentagon and the Department of the Treasury. In addition, training sessions were provided to enhance their ability to write persuasive op-ed pieces and to practice effective interviews techniques.

Pennsylvania State University's Workshop on Industry Standards


A CGP 2009 grantee, Pennsylvania State University, hosted a two-day workshop from June 29-30 in Gaithersburg, Maryland as part of their ongoing project, °»Standards: An Impetus to Growth in a Regional Economy.°…

Tribute WTC Visitor Center's Online Classroom Resource Toolkit, "September 11th Personal Stories of Transformation"


The primary outcome of "Projects of Peace," funded in part by a Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership (CGP) Education grant, is an online classroom resource kit, "September 11th Personal Stories of Transformation," equipping teachers with ways to discuss the attacks, the response to the attacks, and the ways in which September 11th resonates in our lives today. Unit 7: "Globalizing Peace," teaches about the bombing of Hiroshima through the stories of Tsugio Ito and Masahiro Sasaki, both of Hiroshima.

Association of Asian Studies Annual Meeting 2010


The Association of Asian Studies (AAS) held its four-day, annual conference in Philadelphia from March 25-March 28 and The Japan Foundation and Center for Global Partnership hosted its annual reception on Friday evening.

Rieko Matsuura: An Evening with a Contemporary Japanese Novelist


The Japan Foundation New York office invited Ms. Rieko Matsuura, celebrated female Japanese novelist, for a one week tour in New York and Seattle in late February, early March. The tour was launched in concert with the English publication of Matsuura's novel, "The Apprenticeship of Big Toe P," a gripping read and award-winning best seller in Japan...

Japan Travel Program for US Future Leaders 2009 Yearbook


The Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership (CGP), in conjunction with the Association for Professional Schools in International Affairs (APSIA), implemented the Japan Travel Program for US Future Leaders. 13 Masters degree candidates of APSIA-member institutions were taken to Japan for ten days in August 2009.

Hogaku: New Sounds of Japan 2010


The Japan Foundation organized a three-city U.S. tour of Hogaku (traditional Japanese music) in January 2010, presenting three duo groups: TsuguKaji-KOTO (koto), OYAMA X NITTA (tsugaru shamisen) and HIDE & MIHO (percussion).

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